TECHansen is an initiative of the Alliance Against Leprosy to improve the quality of life of people with physical disabilities caused by Hansen’s Disease. Conceived by occupational therapist Dr. Susilene Nardi, who is also an ambassador for the initiative, says that TECHansen donates assistive technology materials, such as thumb abductors, slings, and fasteners, to patients all over Brazil. The request must be made by the health professionals who monitor the cases.

The pilot phase of the action began in August 2021 with a focus on two states, São Paulo and Paraná, and a stock of 600 items. In less than a month, half of the material had been donated and, in August of the same year, the initiative was rolled out to across Brazil. In 2022, the Alliance Against Leprosy received an honorable mention from the Ministries of Health and the Pan American Health Organization for the results achieved with TECHansen.

Dr. Susilene Nardi / Occupational Therapist - TECHansen Action Ambassador

What is the aim of the TECHansen action?

Before being diagnosed with Hansen’s Disease, patients have around 4.5 consultations in the private health network and up to 2.5 in the public network. This pilgrimage favors the appearance of physical deformities. SINAN data shows that five out of every ten people with Hansen’s Disease suffer some degree of physical, functional, or visible disability. The sequelae caused by the disease make it difficult to carry out even the simplest day-to-day activities.

With the TECHansen Action, the Alliance Against Leprosy Institute aims to donate materials, equipment and assistive technology devices to patients who have physical disabilities or alterations caused by Hansen’s Disease in the eyes, nose, hands, and feet.

Dr. Laila de Laguiche / Dermatologist - President of AAL

Materials/devices available for donation

Abotoador de roupas: para auxiliar no abotoamento de camisas e roupas em geral. Hanseníase indicação: Indicado para os casos que apresentam dificuldade na oponência do polegar e pinça do polegar com o segundo e com o terceiro dedos após acometimento do nervo mediano e ou mediano/ulnar.

How do I order the materials/devices?

To request the materials and devices made available by AAL, the health professionals (occupational therapist, physiotherapist, nurse and/or doctor) in Brazil who accompany the patient undergoing Hansen’s Disease rehabilitation fill in a form with basic information about the diagnosis of the patient who will receive the material. After AAL has analyzed the information, the material is separated and sent free of charge to the address indicated in the registration, according to the availability of the items in our stocks.

Partners and donors

People interested in donating the materials described above can send them to the following address:

Alliance Against Leprosy – A/C Dra. Susilene Nardi
Rua Pascoal Bevilacqua, 3.860
Jardim Alto Rio Preto
São José do Rio Preto – SP
CEP: 15020-280.

To donate money, click here.

More information at [email protected].

I want to be a TECHansen donor, how do I do it?

The initial action was made possible thanks to a donation from the French artist Flo de Bretagne, known for her colorful paintings inspired by the beauty of nature and animals. In addition to the donation, the artist also made available the image of one of her artworks to be used in the action, which is characterized by a flower called Harmony, symbolizing comprehensive care for Hansen’s Disease patients. Today, TECHansen also has a network of partners:

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