An alliance only exists when we have allies. In the Alliance Against Leprosy, we share the dream and the struggle of a Brazil free from this disease and with people and companies who believe in our cause and our work. With them we go further and faster, we can raise awareness and mobilize more people, empower more health professionals, and impact the lives of more Brazilians affected by Hansen’s Disease. We are grateful for those who walk by our side!



Pro Bono Support

International partnership


The Order of Malta's International Hansen's Disease Campaign

(CIOMAL, for its French acronym)

Created in 1958, the CIOMAL Foundation (International Campaign of the Order of Malta Against Leprosy) is active in the fight against Hansen’s Disease and all the exclusions related to this disease, and is part of the Swiss Order of Malta, headquartered in Geneva. It is made up of a volunteer membership that meets to define and follow up on projects that enable great social impact around the world. In Brazil, the AAL Institute is an exclusive partner of CIOMAL, since 2021, receiving institutional support and funding for actions against Hansen’s Disease.

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Be part of this alliance

We want you to be our allies in this mission!

To become a supporter of the Alliance Against Leprosy, send an e-mail to [email protected]. If you would like to speak to us directly, please call us on +55 41 98839.1024 (WhatsApp).

If you are a health professional with specialization in Hansen’s Disease and you hold a specialist title by the Brazilian Society of Hansen’s Disease, join us! Brazil needs committed and qualified people to act in this social cause of health. We look forward to hearing from you by email or WhatsApp.

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