To achieve our mission of combating leprosy, we act on three strategic fronts: education, science and philanthropy. From specialists to doctors, we train qualified persons to act in the most needy regions of the country. We promote field care by visiting patients and remote communities. We invest in science. Meet our main activities:

Training of health professionals

We provide training and qualification for health professionals in endemic regions, in partnership with State and Municipal Health Departments. We hold lectures in universities and professional entities, bringing together dermatologists, Leprologists and nurses to provide guidance on the disease. We always hire professionals of the highest national standard to deliver these classes.

Support for science and scientists

We invest in research on leprosy and we work in partnership with professors and researchers in academia, spreading their findings.

National and international Advocacy

We represent Brazil in national and international meetings and forge dialogue with organizations that act in a similar or a complementary way to us, in other territories. We encourage the implementation of public policies by submitting the topic to the debates between political players. 

Awareness campaigns

Our work is also for the sake of awareness in the fight against prejudice around the disease. For this purpose, we disseminate quality information, that is supported by science, yet simplified to everyday language and accessible to all citizens. In January, the month dedicated to the fight against leprosy, we hold “Purple January”, during which we distribute educational materials, as well as strengthen the visibility of the topic in partnership with large companies and wide press coverage. Click here to access our bimonthly newsletters, our blog and our folder.

Patient care

Through partnerships with organizations led by leprosy patients and communities of lepers, we provide hygiene and self-care products. During the pandemic, we have been distributing prevention masks. On the legal front, we consult Law professionals for legal information. We also support initiatives for the social reintegration of patients by reselling handcrafted pieces made by these people.

New projects

To submit your request for project evaluation for this year, send it to the e-mail: [email protected]

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