The projects carried out or supported by the Alliance Against Leprosy are aligned with three fronts of action: training health professionals, disseminating quality information and assisting people with physical disabilities caused by the disease.

Awareness campaigns

We work to raise public awareness and combat the prejudice surrounding Hansen’s Disease. To do this, we share quality information, based on science, and translated into simple language that is accessible to all citizens. In the month of January, which is dedicated to combating Hansen’s Disease, we organized Purple January and distributed educational materials to raise awareness of the issue.

Training health professionals

We provide training and qualification for health professionals in endemic regions, in partnership with State and Municipal Health Departments. We give lectures at universities and professional associations, bringing together dermatologists, hansenologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and nurses to provide guidance on the disease, always bringing the best professionals in Brazil to give the lectures.

Specialized shoe stores

Through technical cooperation with the government of Mato Grosso, we have set up shoe stores in municipalities across the state to help people who are unable to wear ordinary shoes due to the consequences of Hansen’s Disease. We offer theoretical and practical training to the professionals previously selected by the municipal managers and we donate the necessary materials so that the professionals can begin their work after the training.

Socio-economic rehabilitation through bio-jewelry

Carried out by NHR Brasil and the Rondônia State Health Surveillance Agency, with the support of the Alliance Against Leprosy, the initiative was created in 2019 and takes place in the municipalities of Porto Velho, Rolim de Moura and Ariquemes. It uses the production of bio-jewelry to promote income generation and the social reinsertion of former patients and Hansen’s Disease patients, as well as raising awareness about the disease. Find out more.

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